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Monday, January 3, 2011

//TITLE:''What i'm 10th generation mafia bosss?!''

//UPLOADER:Edogawa kun 

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!

Size: +/- 90 Mb
Extension: Rm(vb) / Subbed
Type : TV Series, Unknown number of episode
Status: OnGoing
Latest Eps : 118

Year : 07.10.2006 till ?
Categories : Action, Bounty Hunters, Comedy, Gunfights, Mafia, Shounen, Super Power, Swordplay, Underworld, Violence


Sawada Tsunayoshi, or Tsuna, is a boy who is not good at ether study or sports. To him, a tutor named Reborn is sent. Surprisingly he is a baby, and his purpose is to make Tsuna a full-fledged boss of an Italian mafia, Vongole Family. The way Reborn teach him is to shoot “Deathperation” bullet into Tsuna’s head. Those who are shot by the bullet are “reborn” to work hard to fulfill his dying will.

Download Links:

Episode 001      What!? I`m the 10th Generation Mafia Boss?   
Episode 002      The End of School!?   
Episode 003      Shocking! Cooking with Love and Horror!   
Episode 004      Hahii! Destroy girl`s hearts!   
Episode 005      The Director of the Discipline Committee`s Avoidance of Boredom   
Episode 006      Ni-hao Gyoza Fist!   
Episode 007      The Limit! Passionate Brother!   
Episode 008      The Senior Boss Thinks of his Family   
Episode 009      The Short Life Skull Disease   
Episode 010      Gahaha! The Exploding Lunch Box!   
Episode 011      The Gyoza Dumpling of Love and Death   
Episode 012      Teacher`s special training! Strengthening program   
Episode 013      New Year! Great match of 100,000,000 yen   
Episode 014      First Date!? Zoo of Hell   
Episode 015      Clash! Survival Snowball Fight   
Episode 016      Escape from the Mountain of Death!   
Episode 017      Hospitalized, Don`t make any sound   
Episode 018      The Love Chocolate has poison   
Episode 019      Infallible? The Ranking of anything!   
Episode 020      Sudden Attack   
Episode 021      Wounded Friends   
Episode 022      Foresawn Evil Influence   
Episode 023      The Last Death Will bullet   
Episode 024      The Counterattack   
Episode 025      I Want to Win! The Awakening Time   
Episode 026      The end and from now on...   
Episode 027      Eat Sushi to Celebrate Promotion   
Episode 028      It`s a Lie! We killed?   
Episode 029      Broccoli`s Sweetheart?   
Episode 030      Hide and Seek on a Cruise Ship   
Episode 031      Welcoming at Mafia Island (Land)   
Episode 032      A Shark in the Public Pool   
Episode 033      Summer Vacation Ruined by Loans?   
Episode 034      Varia Comes!   
Episode 035      The 7 Vongola Rings   
Episode 036      Home Tutor Makes His Move   
Episode 037      Master and Student Duos, Complete   
Episode 038      The Disappearance of the Selfish Calf   
Episode 039      The Goal of the Unseen Enemy   
Episode 040      The Conflict Over the Rings Begins!   
Episode 041      The heart of the guardian of sun   
Episode 042      The Power to Reflect Adversity   
Episode 043      Lightning From 20 Years in the future   
Episode 044      The Taken Ring of the Sky   
Episode 045      Surging Battle of Storms   
Episode 046      The Reason for Fighting   
Episode 047      The Strongest, Undefeatable Style   
Episode 048      Where the Match Leads   
Episode 049      Requiem Rain   
Episode 050      The Guardian of Mist Comes!?   
Episode 051      Illusion vs. Illusion   
Episode 052      The Truth of the Mist   
Episode 053      A Touch of Uneasiness   
Episode 054      The Guardian of Cloud`s Rampage   
Episode 055      Resolution   
Episode 056      Gokudera`s Story   
Episode 057      The Sky Battle Begins!   
Episode 058      Flames of Rage   
Episode 059      Those Who Support   
Episode 060      Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough   
Episode 061      Zero Point Breakthrough Custom   
Episode 062      Bargaining   
Episode 063      Freezing Flame   
Episode 064      The Rage`s Truth   
Episode 065      Showdown!   
Episode 066      Shivering Ghost   
Episode 067      Vongola-Style Class Visitation   
Episode 068      Happy? Wedding   
Episode 069      Three Terrible Criminal Brothers   
Episode 070      Irie Shoichi`s Misfortune   
Episode 071      Fight with Spirit! Zettai-Maken   
Episode 072      Expulsion Crisis   
Episode 073      Mother Appreciation Day   
Episode 074      The World Ten Years Later   
Episode 075      Hideout   
Episode 076      Guardian Search   
Episode 077      The Resolution`s Flame   
Episode 078      Clue of the past   
Episode 079      First Trial   
Episode 080      Dissonance   
Episode 081      Combination   
Episode 082      The Strongest Guardian   
Episode 083      The Given Information   
Episode 084      Be Too Distant Way Home   
Episode 085      Where`s the Hideout?   
Episode 086      Home Tutor from Hell   
Episode 087      Succession   
Episode 088      7^3 (Trinisette)   
Episode 089      Piano of Sadness   
Episode 090      Rain Owl / Gufo di Pioggia   
Episode 091      What I Believe In   
Episode 092      Entrusted Selection   
Episode 093      Emergency Alert Level D   
Episode 094      True Natures Revealed   
Episode 095      Decision   
Episode 096      X-Burner   
Episode 097      recap The Great Chase   
Episode 098      Announcement   
Episode 099      The Last Test   
Episode 100      The Night Before Breaking In   
Episode 101      Night Raid   
Episode 102      Operation Start   
Episode 103      The First Obstacle   
Episode 104      Episode 104   
Episode 105      Episode 105   
Episode 106      Episode 106   
Episode 107      Episode 107   
Episode 108      Episode 108   
Episode 109      Episode 109   
Episode 110      Episode 110   
Episode 111      Episode 111   
Episode 112      Episode 112   
Episode 113      Episode 113   
Episode 114      Episode 114   
Episode 115      Episode 115   
Episode 116      Episode 116   
Episode 117      Episode 117   
Episode 118      Episode 118   
Episode 119      Episode 119   
Episode 120      Episode 120   
Episode 121      Episode121   
Episode 122      Episode122   
Episode 123      Episode123   
Episode 124      Episode124   
Episode 125      Episode125   
Episode 126      Episode126   
Episode 127      Episode127   
Episode 128      Episode128   
Episode 129      Episode129